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Through product perfection, excellent engineering and best customer service, Engineers’ House Ltd. wants to be the recognized one in the bench mark of steel buildings industry.
To bring the Engineers’ House Ltd. to where it is most needed in the Nation, and help others “build a better life”, through industrialization; To build high capacity, efficient & cost effective steel factories for speedy delivery and for benefiting from “large economies of scale”.
To design and fabricate safe and technologically advanced buildings. To offer customers versatility in design & fabrication to meet their exact building requirements. To offer customer services that are second to none in the industry.

We have pointed the following criteria to be reason to select us as a companion of yours.

  • We are one stop solution centre for Civil, Architectural, Electrical and Environmental engineering along with general suppliers.
  • Our commitment and Time duration which is very rare in the field that we respect and maintained STRICTLY
  • We are very comfort to RE-DESIGN, PLANE CHANGE, GETTING FEED BACK etc. from client up to their complete satisfaction.
  • Yes, Quality is our Thrust
  • We calculate the VALUE OF TIME
  • We never compromise with NATURAL RESOURCES.
We believe, this are the reason to choose us among the others to work with you and to become a part of your project.

EHL is highly concern regarding the Environment and Natural Resource Management to sustainable development. On the way to maintain ENRM, Water Resource Management is strongly followed considering the national and international policies and laws. EHL has its own Environmental Management Framework (EMF) along with environmental checklist.
We do consider the following assessment to implement any project:

  •  Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)

  •   Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  •   Environmental Mitigation Plan (EMP)

Excellence in Health and Occupational Safety performance is a core value for Engineers’ House Limited. We are committed to operate in a safe manner and to protect our people and the environment while providing cost effective quality services to our clients. We aspire to be a recognized leader in project operations and occupational safety performance in the eyes of our employees, contractors, clients and the public.
EHL is committed to:

  •  Develop, maintain and implement a comprehensive workplace occupational safety Management Program including:

  •   Intensive training program for all staff on occupational health and safety.

  •   Create a work environment where we identify workplace risks and mitigate them through pro-active programs for incident prevention, assessment and analysis.

  •   Hold all staff accountable for their safety responsibilities in their respective departments, jobs, crews or workplaces.

  •   Create a “partnership” with contractors, suppliers, and other third parties to achieve our goals by mutual commitment and management systems.

  •   Maintain an "Open-Door" policy to all employees, management, contractors and third parties for continual improvement of Health and Occupational Safety performance.

  •   Empowering all employees with the authority to stop a job they feel is unsafe.

  •   This policy statement serves to express EHL commitment to providing our employees a safe and healthy workplace. The workplace safety and health program is incorporated as the standard of practice for EHL

  •   Compliance with these safe practices in addition to those of any regulatory agency or EHL clients is required of all employees as a condition of continued employment.

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