ENGINEERS HOUSE LTD is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by providing superior quality of products & services with competitive price, delivering projects on time, addressing customers’ feedback with highest priority, meeting statutory & regulatory requirements as well as ensuring established standards and measurements in regard to products.
Engineers’ House Ltd.. Is also committed to continual improvement in the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through process improvements, development of employees’’ skills through training and infusing with high motivation.
Engineers’ House Ltd. is also determined to excel as a leader in the steel building sector in Bangladesh.
We Engineers’ House Ltd. are committed to pursue our business affairs with integrity and honesty, avoiding all deceit and deception;

  •   trustworthy and dependable to our customers;

  •   Be fair and tolerant towards our competitors;

  •   Be generous to our employees;

  •   And dedicate our entire soul and mind to the business.

  •   Not a follower Be a leader

  •   Share knowledge and success with others.

  •   Forge local alliances wherever you go.

  •   Apply only the latest design and buildings codes.

  •   Continually improve your products. Customer service makes all the difference; customers are lifetime partners; always seek a win – win solution.

  •   The longest journey begins with the smallest step, so begin with the end in mind, and focus on the long term, not just the short term.